Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Gas Flue Guards

Have you been looking around for Gas Flue Guards? Flue guards are needed to protect the entrance to a gas flue and could be considered an essential piece of heating equipment that can be often overlooked. A gas flue guard is essentially a wire basket that will cover the entrance to the flue. Because the wire is tightly spaced, it means that animals (especially birds) cannot enter the flue and interfere with its performance. (Birds will often try to build nests in the flue, which leads to complications later on). As well as keeping debris and animals out, the flue guard will allow air to circulate freely through the flue. This keeps your heating system working correctly.

Flue guards are just one of the pieces of heating equipment that we stock here at Low Cost Plumbing Supplies. You will also find a massive range of heating supplies on our website. Our products include; combi boilers, radiators and thermostats as well as plumbing spares and accessories. At Low Cost Plumbing we have everything you would ever need when installing a central heating system. You can also benefit from great savings when shopping with us, because we pass on all our savings to the customer. Whether you are a plumber or heating engineer buying trade equipment, or you are a DIY enthusiast – Low Cost Plumbing Supplies has something just for you.

Gas Flue Guards are available from Low Cost Plumbing. At our plumbing suppliers website you can find spares and other equipment, as well as a full range of heating supplies. Our company is based in Halesowen in the West Midlands, near to Birmingham. Call us on 0845 309 6417 to speak to one of the team and find out more about our products.


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