Tuesday 19 August 2014

Aquadart Shower Enclosures

We have added the entire Aquadart Shower collection to the webiste. Aquadart have everything you could need for a new shower that adds that special something to your bathroom.
They produce four different ranges to suit your needs; Venturi 6, Venturi 8, Inline and Wetrooms. Each range offers something different and unique.
The Aquadart Venturi 6 offers a semi-frameless enclosure by mixing high quality materials with simple stylish designs. This particular range also uses 6mm toughened safety glass that is coated in Aquadarts’ Clean & Clear™ glass protection system.
The Aquadart Venturi 8 is similar to the Venturi 6 range but it adds that extra something by using 8mm glass. It also adds another luxury feature with their soft stop buffers which take the door to a cushioned stop.
The Aquadart Inline range is a sophisticated minimalist shower that is the closest thing to a frame less enclosure that you can get.  They produce 2 sided, 3 sided and Recess enclosures with solid brass hinges and fixings for a truly striking shower.
Available in a wide range of sizes, Aquadarts’ wetrooms are made from 8mm toughened safety glass and also features Aquadarts’ Clean & Clear™ glass protection system.  Aquadart have also introduced a new smoked glass option which comes in two sizes but this is set to increase to more and possibly be introduced into the other three Aquadart ranges in the future.
To complete the Aquadart range they also produce Bathscreens and manufacture Shower trays and that are made proudly in Britain
All Aquadart products are treated with their innovative Clean & Clear™ Easy Clean Glass Treatment. Clean & Clear™ is a glass protection system that is innovative as we all being highly beneficial. What it does is create a protective barrier which is applied to the glass, this barrier then forms a “non-stick” surface. What this does is resists and reduces the lime scale build-up and water sports. The advantage of this is it hinders bacteria growth for a more hygienic environment. The biggest advantage is that it reduces the need to clean by half.