Monday 28 April 2014

Can Radiators Be Classed As Art?

I am writing this article to hopefully shed some light on a brand and emerging products within the radiator market. Those products are Designer Radiators.

The majority of radiators are generic and lack any colour or flair to them, after looking for quite some time I came across a manufacturer that produced radiators that can be argued as being works of art. The only problem is not many people know of them or know that there are such products out on the market.
The aim of this article is to help inform people that they don’t have to purchase a generic, bland and lifeless radiator. You can get something that has style and charisma, thus making you a more informed consumer.

Importance of a Radiator that reflects who you are:
In our modern life it has become important to stand out as an individual and that is also present in our homes. We no longer want the same generic items; we want something that shows off who we are and what our personality is like.  So with this article we will talk about a particular manufacture that has sought to create stylish pieces of art that also heat the home.

Up until now home heating has consisted of very generic and bland looking radiators but now with over 5 years of design and thought behind them Reina Radiators have created something special. Functional Art.

Who are Reina Radiators?                                                                                           
Reina have been designing radiators for the best part of a decade. The key mantra has been "Radiators are no longer a functional concept; heating has become the fantasy of the creator" and with this they set out to create radiators that stand out. A mission they have accomplished with their diverse range.

There are a range of Reina Radiators; Aluminium, Designer, Stainless Steel, Column and even electric Radiators. But at the heart of these radiators is something special, something that lets you add that little extra to your home. The hope is that these Reina Radiators inspire you to look at each piece of furniture in a room as art and not just as an object to be used.

Aluminium Radiators have quite a few advantages; The Aluminium construct makes them lightweight while being tough and they have incredible heat conducting properties.

One key benefit to having an aluminium radiator is that they hold a fifth of the water content a traditional radiator does and will produce around 15% more heat. This makes them some of the most efficient radiators on the market.

These are the Reina Radiators you have if you want to make a statement, they have wide selections that are perfect for any room and they have a nice range of designer towel rails. Not only are these good looking radiators but Reina wanted to make sure they also worked as efficiently as possible so you can use them like any normal radiator with the advantage of it not looking like a bland normal radiator.

Reina Radiators have produced 6 traditionally styled radiators. These will fit perfectly into a bathroom or bedroom and add that air of sophistication and grandeur to a room.

These radiators have been designed to inspire you with ideas of decorating the room around them. The Stainless Steel Reina Radiators are hand made with the best quality material you can get, the philosophy behind this range has been “Radiators are Art”, this can be seen throughout the Reina Radiators product range. The whole range also comes with a 25 year guarantee.