Wednesday 1 December 2010

Glowworm Combi Boiler

Looking for a Glowworm Combi Boiler? You’ll be pleased to know that at Low Cost Plumbing we have lots of special offers on these types of combi boilers and many other central heating systems. The particular G’Worm Combi Boiler that we are featuring today is a 30kw model with a flue and a clock. This boiler is very easy to install in a variety of locations around the home, so is therefore a great choice for our trade customers.

And if you’re thinking of having this boiler installed in your home, you can also benefit. This model has easy to use timers so that you can control when you want your heating to come on and off. There is also an internal frost protection system, which is excellent news for colder weather conditions. You will also find that the compact dimensions of this boiler means it is more discrete than other models.

Glowworm boilers have a great reputation for being reliable. The manufacturer is known for making high efficiency boilers that are available at low prices. Low Cost Plumbing can make buying a heating system much easier, as we offer special offers and great deals all year round. Remember you will need a trained professional to install central heating.

Searching for a Glowworm Combi Boiler? Come to the experts at Low Cost Plumbing Supplies for your next central heating boiler and get a great deal. We stock a massive range of plumbing equipment, bathroom and kitchen equipment, heating supplies and plastic products on our website – just take a look to find out more. Our company is based in the West Midlands and we are able to deliver plumbing and heating supplies across the UK. Call us on 0845 309 6417 to find out more or contact us through our website enquiry form.

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